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Herd Sires
Our end goal is not just to produce bulls, but to produce seed stock with superior production traits for commercial and purebred breeders. We start by phenotypically selecting the right bull, then we look at the numbers and pedigree to finalize our decision. We pride ourselves in not getting carried away with the most “popular” or the “latest trends.” Our hand picked sires will add value, from weaning to final harvest.
Raile 6221 F044
Registration Number: M917861
View pedigree and EPDs
  Leachman Liberty P041E
Registration Number: M904836
View pedigree and EPDs
RF Ledger 521
Registration Number: M868059
BW: 84 • ADJ WW: 762 • ADJ YW: 1389 • WPDA: 3.54
View pedigree and EPDs
  HCR Value 4304
Registration Number: M850928
View pedigree and EPDs
RAILE 9036 E031
Registration Number: M903430
View pedigree and EPDs
Registration Number: M836297
BW: 86 • ADJ WW: 762 • ADJ YW: NA
View pedigree and EPDs
Brown Oracle B112
Registration Number: 1703720
View pedigree and EPDs
  Over Draft Pick 413D
Registration Number: 3548524
View pedigree and EPDs
HXC Allegiance 5502
Registration Number: 3494126
BW: 82 • ADJ WW: 723 • ADJ YW: 1394
View pedigree and EPDs
  Raile 5055 C143
Registration Number: M868791
BW: 85 • ADJ WW: 625
View pedigree and EPDs
LT Landmark 5052
Registration Number: M866771
BW: 81 • ADJ WW: 901 • ADJ YW: 1411 • WPDA: 3.65
View pedigree and EPDs
  LT Affinity 6221
Registration Number: M880381
BW: 88 • ADJ WW: 817 • ADJ YW: 1382 • WPDA: 3.78
View pedigree and EPDs
FINK 8823 OF 0644 FM
Registration Number: M772254
BW: 89 • ADJ WW: 776 • ADJ YW: NA
View pedigree and EPDs
  FINKS 2250 OF 3575D040ET
Registration Number: M658950
View pedigree and EPDs
Registration Number: M808527
View pedigree and EPDs

Want more information? Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about our program. If we can assit you with learning more about our Charolais and Red Angus cattle please contact Clifford and Judy Raile at railebeef@gmail.com, Mindy Kimble at mindyjkimble7@gmail.com or Tyler Raile at raileranch@gmail.com.
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